I have been an avid quilter for over 20 years. I’ve spent a few years working on a quilting frame and then moved to using a sewing machine. I’ve had a few over the years, mostly used, and none were quilting-only machines. Which was fine because I didn’t only do quilting. I also made clothing and other small projects for myself and my family.

None of my sewing machines were of particularly high quality, but managed to get the job done without too much of a fuss (most of the time). I’ve always dreamed out owning a quilting-only machine, but I couldn’t justify the amount of money it would take to get a decent one. Until now. I’m retired, and quilting is becoming a major passion. I started to use my sewing machine daily and found it lacking and found the whole process slow. Especially after going to friend’s houses and working on their machines.

I decided it was time to take the plunge and buy a quilting only machine. I didn’t want to spend a fortune so I took my time and tried out many quilting machines and settled on the Juki TL2010Q.

Juki TL2010Q

I have to say that I have been absolutely thrilled since the very moment that I turned it on. The large workspace alone made me dizzy with delight. The amount of room I had to work with was so nice and the speed and accuracy for which it stitched was an added bonus. It made quilting even more enjoyable. Another thing that drove me crazy with my sewing machine was when working with a quilt, the machine would tend to tip over due to the large, weighty quilt dragging it down. With the Juki, I don’t have that issue any longer. This model weighs almost 38 pounds and thankfully stays in place while I am working.

Another nice feature is the ability to vary the stitch speed. It can go as fast as 1500 stitches per minute, but I wouldn’t recommend it as it is much easier to make mistakes. The power of the motor in this quilting machine is outstanding. You can raise the foot up to 12mm and the needle has no issue going through thick fabrics. I’ve breezed through fabrics that my sewing machine would completely choke on. I’ve even broken machines with far less material than the TL2010 absolutely flies through.

Suffice to say though that the Jukk 2010 won’t replace a regular sewing machine. This model is a quilt-only machine, meaning it only has a straight stitch. So I would still need to keep my sewing machine for my sewing projects.

My first quilt was a queen bed quilt took far less time than usual and turned out amazing. I’ve been pinning and bookmarking tons of quilts that I want to make now that I have this machine. Hopefully we have enough room in our place to store them.

I purchased my new quilting machine after reading a review on QuiltersReview.com.

At least I know what I giving people for their birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. Sorry J

I am one happy quilter!