When you are a beginner, you might not realize that a quilt actually has 3 basic parts. Before you start with making a quilt, you need to know about the layers first.


Top Layer

This is also referred to as the “quilt top”. This is the part of the quilt that is comprised of small pieces sewn together. It features the design of the quilt, the visually interesting part. Sometimes people use appliques or it is one piece of cloth only.

Middle Layer

This is made up of a material called batting. It adds thickness to your quilt. It is made of cotton, cotton blend or polyester. It depends upon your preference whether you use thick or thin batting. But if you choose thicker batting for your middle layer, it could be more difficult to sew your quilt by hand.

Bottom Layer

This is referred to as the backing. It can be one piece of cloth or several pieces sewn together to come up with the right size for the top layer. If you’re aiming for a reversible quilt, you can also do a patchwork of several pieces of fabric.

Some quilts also have a so-called binding. This is the fabric that is used around the edges of the quilt so the pieces stay together. For quilts that are intended to be hung on walls, there are sleeves on the back for the pole or rod.

This is the basic anatomy of the quilt which every beginner should know before getting too excited with the fabric and sewing part.